An experiment in digestible concession

Some time last year…

This is one roll of Kodak Tri-X, +1.

This is my first time blogging with a pro gamer mouse. Seems pretty much the same, really.

I was impressed by these mods. Maybe the auto experts can chime in, but I’d say that is good for 7 horsepower.

Randy returns to form.

Fair enough.

Birthday party, chocolate cake and beer.

It wasn’t that dark actually, the light was incredibly bright but I didn’t have time to adjust the exposure so I got it a few stops under. On the ground between us is one of those search lights aimed to the sky and rotating.

Hmm, how many interesting things are happening here?

You may have heard that the Bloedel Conservatory will close this year. Although this seems sad, because it is a beautiful place to visit, I do wonder if that place is really a good way to allocate resources. Maybe we could focus more on preserving existing natural environments than ruining them to create artificial environments?

If you’re a fan of Battlestar Galactica you might find that place somewhat familiar.


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