This is the bird

As promised, and right on time, I have collected some cute photos to share. It all begins on a fine summer day. My cousins, my aunt, and my uncle have come to Vancouver as well. As a family we have decided to convene in the same physical location so that we can be spending time with each other.

And when I got back from New York, my ladies were waiting for me.

We made a fancy gathering on the coast in the Straight of Georgia.

My sister and I just having a real nice time on the rocks.

While we were hanging out on the grass a little bird came to visit.

He seemed very interested in our company.

And we became friends.

Deciding that a self portrait here into the sun was necessary.

Une cousin.

Guess I neglected to wind that roll in far enough. Some good family portraits coming up.


Rocking the Pignose.

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  1. Awww <3

  2. Good day Sir!

    I <3 that bird. I LOVE BIRDS. I WANT A HOUSE FULL OF BIRDS. I'm afraid my whole being… is because… of birds. Do you know what I mean?

    OHAI! XD

  3. Some brilliantly colored candid photo’s my son, I taught you well……….
    did I say that ??? lovely subjects! I want the banjo bird shot bigtime!!!

  4. banjo bird shot fan #2 here!! as always, gorgeous work T!!

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