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During June

Back in June, it was time to have a birthday. That morning I hadn’t much idea what to do but I knew there was an independant music festival in the city and my friend Tyr was participating by playing a solo show at a book store just off East Hastings, an area known for its charisma and the Godspeed You! Black Emperor track of the same name.



One of my favourite aspects of this performance was Tyr’s capitalization on his cramped quarters as he coaxed spastic sounds from the keyboard up against the window by smacking the headstock of his guitar down against.



When you’re sitting on the floor in an overcrowded bookstore there’s not much you can do to vary what frames you can get aside from getting your finger in there.


I kept my birthday a secret but I let it out afterwards when we were standing infront of the shop. He conducted a singing of happy birthday with random people who wondered who the fuck is this guy anyway.

We decided we were going to travel back up Main Street to catch the Japandroids spot for the festival. I’m tired of moderating so I’m just going to post every bad shot I made that night. You can go to and stream the video of a previous live show while you read this entry, if you are cool.



Japandroids is a band I’d heard of but made a conscious decision to avoid (reading about or listening) until I got a chance to see them play a live show. Sometimes it’s great to introduce yourself to a band that way and fortunately Japandroids are from Vancouver making that effort a little easier.


It was an idea I didn’t regret.




That one might be my favourite just for the expressions of the listener and drummer. That’s what is called juxtaposition.





After Japandroids Chris and Holly and I spent a while chasing Tyr around the city as he schizophrenically decided that ne needed to be at every venue. It was kind of fun, and we made some nice walks.


These guys were outside the Funky Winkerbean.


And him. Everywhere you go there’s always someone who wants to make sure you realize that you’re shooting a Leica. It’s nice to have a reminder sometimes, but I’m always at loss for what to say besides make a photo. Leica shooters? What do you say to those people?

Actually that dude there was pretty cool and he made good conversation with me beyond the obvious so cheers to you, random Leica appreciating brother.


Around that time I also made some camera porn with the Beard.



So Tyr and Japandroids weren’t all I enjoyed in June. Only a few days later Isis was playing with Mamiffer and Helms Alee.


This is Mamiffer, who radiates beauty in multiple senses.


Gosh, heh.


I had a poor spot to see Helms Alee so I didn’t shoot much.






I don’t know if I’ve ever actually been so pleased with concert shots. The Isis stuff turned out exactly the way I saw what I was shooting that night.


The crops from neg scans are not ideal though unfortunately.


Wanted at least one shot of him even though I didn’t really have the angle.


I think that’s a good way to end a blog. Next entry will have a just slightly less ancient history factor.

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