Resuming to the picts

Here we are. We are at the beach. We are going to have a barbeque.

But first it’s time to be silly.

Getting back to business. This is my uncle.

He’s doing that.

Hi, I’m having a nice time in the sun.

See I told you.

Hotdogs ready in 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Impromptu ‘on our way to havin’ hotdogs’ dance!!!

Those people in the background were very loud and disturbing. Sorry, but some people came to the beach for some relaxation not listen to the twenty most fabulous stories about your stupid dog.

But wait, what’s this? Is that…

Look, it’s coming this way!

The Canadian Coast Guard hovercraft.

Now I must admit that this had me excited, and I will explain.

But first, a bit about rocks.

Standing on them is a good idea.

Ah, see. Satisfying, isn’t it?

Okay, that’s great. Can we go look at this hovercraft now?

I don’t know. Once you’ve seen one hovercraft, you’ve seen them all.

Well, when I was a boy I was treated to the same surprise on the same beach. I remember this fascinating experience quite fondly. That caused me to go in to snap mode. The perfect time to have a Nickelodeon Photoblaster hanging off the neck.

Hoping that doesn’t end.

But all things do, and we relive them on our point and shoot LCD displays.

Well hello. See that phone on the table? It would never take another call. How’s that for mysterious.

One day when I was sitting in the park I took a picture and a guy in the background looked very unimpressed.

Getting some fishing in.

Coffees. I can tell that I was reading Gravity’s Rainbow at the time, because there is also a dictionary on the table.

Hm, I wonder what will come next.

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  1. Hovercraft!?

  2. I’m scared of hovercrafts. :(((((

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