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The Beginning and the End

On May 18, 2010, ISIS announced that their time as a band was coming to an end, stating that they had done everything they wanted to do and said everything they wanted to say. And yes, they would complete their current tour. With a number of dates throughout North America remaining, this gave the band and fans alike the unique experience of knowing that they would be taking part in the last ISIS show ever in each town and venue along the way. On May 31, 2010 ISIS packed the Rickshaw Theater in Vancouver. I was there.

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Slowdays; spring portraits

This is 59 photos, together in one place. And nothing much exciting, just some moments that seemed to happen this spring.

Backyard moments.

When you’re young, you’re not allowed to use the garden hose. But having been turned off recently there remained some lingering pressure to get excited about.

But it didn’t last long.

Time to fall down and feel depressed on the concrete.

Then again, there’s other things to get done.

Moody shots from upstairs inside the red barn.

It is necessary sometimes to employ a flash to capture the decisive moment.

One day we went to the Bloedel Conservatory. I wrote about that trip in a previous blog entry but I never developed this film until now.

Our Town. This little series reads like a dialog.


Something about these tourists was not quite right.

Back for another visit.

The sun had just set. The Where’s Waldo of lovers in the landscape.

The desire to finish off that roll coincided with a nice afternoon view from my apartment.

This fella had a funky dance as he glued his posters up. I made this frame and then waited a long time for another, hoping he’d look my way but I left frustrated.

Dad’s giving my sister some make-up tips there.

My sister was enjoying a nice coffee.

Dom left.

Bye, Dom.

That’s Loscil performing at Red Cat Records.

I enjoyed that.

The Main for some brunch by the window.

She’s saying something.

Another day, and brunch at Habit.

You won’t hear it often, but that would be better in colour.

This is that photo that I wouldn’t normally make, but when you already have the camera at your face you sometimes decide ‘why not?’ and then it’s your favourite shot on the roll.

For anyone who doesn’t understand graduated licensing in BC, it’s required to display that L when one has a Learner’s Licence. I think this photo is special because it isn’t just a Porsche Cayenne, it isn’t even just a Porsche Cayenne S, or a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. It’s a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. It’s never a bad idea to learn to drive on a six figure 550 horsepower eurominivan, at least that’s what I’ve always said.

John didn’t have much to say about that.

But Randy was quite impressed.

Enjoying the rest of the evening sunlight.

And checking out what the neighbors are up to.

We were at the park another evening to throw a disc around.

I had lunch with Gil Grissom.

Just something that I saw.

Hmm, I wonder what’s next.

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Beginning in February; We Were Promised Jetpacks and I’ll promise you fish

I just returned from a trip through DC and New York, a combination of work and vacation where I shot a lot of film. I’ve found a sizeable backlog of neglected photos to push while I scan and edit about 20 rolls.  But this is a photoblog and words are just more space to scroll past.

This was the result of faulty beer packaging. Quite disappointing. You can see Olympic hockey on the TV in the background that we are eager to get back to. But the situation was made right by a new case from the shop keeper.

Making sure the second one is not defective as well.

I went to Our Town with a nice lady, big surprise.

I’ve made this photo before, 4 years ago. It’s hopeless, I cannot find it.

This is a photo of Paul at the restaurant.

What’s that a photo of?

Canada won the gold in hockey that day.

With a 50mm it was difficult to capture the epic sprawl of coach buses lined up over the Cambie St bridge towards downtown. They were waiting for passengers who were at the closing ceremonies.

With our nations victory, spirits were high, so we ate some greasy cheeseburgers.

Those are chocolate chip cookies.

Winter light.

Coffee and reading.

Peaking out the window from the same seat.

This band is called The Lonely Forest. They were here to open for We Were Promised Jetpacks, a great band who came to town when it was March.

We Were Promised Jetpacks taking the stage.

I liked them so much, I bought a t-shirt.

A classic Vancouver view.

I think that is the washroom at Budgies Burritos?

I thought that sweater was impressive.

Some other time and place, awaiting the Hawkers Delight.

Outside my favourite book store in Vancouver. That day they had agreed to take on a truck load of used books. I wondered if there was much in there that was worth their time.

I was visiting this space over and over during those months. The site where my favourite breakfast spot, Slickity Jim’s, burned to the ground.

Transporting to happier times, a few of us took a trip to this parking lot. Stopping to get the head excavated.

Actually, we’d gone to the Aquarium.

Proving it with a fish.

And swaying little sand aliens, SO CUTE.

Pit stop for soft drinks and french fries.

Then we waited for dolphins to entertain us like the subservient slaves they are.

Wasn’t expecting to see chimps at the aquarium.

This guy was cool, but fast.

At the computer terminal, visitors could ask questions and also reply. I knew the answer to that question. Nice little frame to help date the film.

Blogging is hard work! As you can see there is still a ways to go before I get to July. But we’ll get through this together.

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That’s WEIRD, you guys!

This entry features 112 jpeg containers. With this scope in mind I feel responsible for introducing what you are about to experience but I find myself without words. It is a perpetuating comedy, then. I photograph for many reasons but one of them is the excellence it represents in the conundrum of self-expression, reflection and reciprocation. Where I stumble, photography grounds me. And, by the way, I love yours too. I think other bloggers should comment so that I can follow the links back to your internet venues. Now, then.

There is a film named Kodak HD 400. I shot a roll of it in my Nickelodeon Photoblaster.



Interestingly enough, the results from this expired roll that has been in my fridge (a number of fridges, really) for years are rather delicious.


Brother Entropy surprised us all in Vancouver with the weather throughout September but in October it began to rain at last. Quite convincingly I might add.


This cat convinced a number of individuals that being in a salad bowl on the floor really is not so bad.


Limits tested, but not met.


Quite content to be back on the floor again. I guess it is really nice to have a camera around for these situations.



Add another point in my decisive moment column.


I love that the film recorded the nature of the sky to some degree, polluted by the light of the city landscape.


I missed several cute/intimate moments between these two but I still wanted them anyway so I had to take them.



We were all in attendance to see a guy in a place.



Pretty sure that was 1/2.


Apparently that is what I looked like, proudly demonstrating my Nickelodeon Photoblaster back from the shop in tip-top shape.


Discovering mirrors is a bit of a strength, I would say.



Guy outside of a place.



Hm, and snapping to finish the roll off the next day. That place burned down on November 12th. That place where I spent so many days, taking oh, okay, maybe one more cup of coffee. Where the food always hit the spot. Where I truly loved the staff. Where.. I don’t know where to go any more.


Good thing, then, that we went inside that day. I guess this was the second to last time I was there. Kodak Tri-X.


I am going to weave in a roll of NPZ here and there and intend that I am slotting it in pseudo-chronologically. Again, different cameras and simultaneous rolls, so who really knows.



Kidnap Kids at Goonies.


Nadja at the Rickshaw.


They were great.






I failed exposing that one, oops, was in a hurried commute. It is almost what I was going for though, to be fair.



That was Mono at the Biltmore, October 6. I only made that one shot on film. Actually, maybe I should include a few of the digital frames I made there…


Here’s Beard wondering if he’ll regret that face. Though he was happy to send me off with the 5d.


So Randy and I hopped in a cab.


The stage was set when we arrived.



The show was sensational, profoundly sensational.





To celebrate we visited 7-11.


On October 9th, 2009 the Centaur upper stage of the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite impacted the crater Cabeus near the south pole of the Moon at a velocity of 10,000 km/h. I made a photograph for posterity.



We talked about something cool. Can’t remember what it was. Good story, right?


Waiting to get somewhere.FRM00584


Quaint. It is always good to get involved with the community in pro-active ways.


Or to just sit and study.


Or sit and sip, discuss.





I am a little rusty.








So, something else that happened in October was my 10 year high school reunion, yep.


Eventually the photographers of the class converged a bit. Everybody loves to handle the Nickelodeon Photoblaster.


It was a weird event. Oh, no, not the reunion. Just the fact that someone almost managed to pull focus here.


That hat fell from the balcony above where a wedding reception was taking place. The hat was being used as a prop for photographs, unfortunately I ended up wearing it for a while before realizing what it looked like on me. Fortunately, it was legal for us all to drink this time we got together, and drinking definitely did occur.


I played with the photographer above who had by that time realized I was in possession of her hat. I was working my way up the stairs to deliver it back to her when I was intercepted by a friendly dude, the brother of the groom perhaps, who had come to retrieve the hat. I didn’t get any farther than that, which I regretted. I wanted to say thanks for playing with me.


Then it was time to celebrate a birthday.


And have a bit of a jam. I think Weston is going to be the family drummer.



That composition grows on me every time, more than last time. ;]


We drove to the supermarket. Careful not to get a parking ticket.


A portrait of a person; a portrait of quality time.


Completing the circle of life, queuing to pay. On the internet, at the cashier, on the internet.


Hallowe’en was approaching, and the last day at my old apartment. Still I had not found a new place to live.


Our Town had become a fairly regular spot to regroup.


And the packing was underway. I was fortunate to have amazing help from amazing friends. And a place to live was found.


As my apartment emptied I paused to make one last image in that place.


I moved on October 31st. The weather was incredible, as was the help I received. Hi, mom.




Later we returned to Command HQ and launched Operation: Destroy Brain Cells.



Other things also happened that night, as they usually do.


Although I dawned the horse to this party, the hot dog guy found an appreciation for my style. We traded hats and I wore his zombie Barack Obama mask which worked out nicely because I was dressed formally and it was possible to shoot through the eye holes in the Obama mask, unlike through the horses mouth.







November 1st deserved going out for breakfast.



R.I.P. Idle Thumbs <3 (that was being out for breakfast another day in fact). I was boycotting the price of razors for a bit. :/


We are at the Elbow Room.



The painting walls occurred. The consumption of Stiegl occured, occurs yet.


Leica eyes. You know’em or you don’t.


You’d think I might be near Our Town again.


Might be right…



It is happening on all sides of me.


Oh, this is unique. I brought to a show a flash device for my camera, then I used it.







I am impressed you’ve got this far, honestly.


But do not worry, we are almost there.









I think we’re good.

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