Snappy snappings

Leaving home one day during May, I walked out the door to this scene.

The rider is sitting on the curb, quite lucky to be okay.

Tenant played music for me, which I liked.

Here we were, waiting to cross the street.

I can’t remember where we were headed though. Probably the liquor store.

We celebrated Dave’s birthday by Trout Lake on a nice evening.

That car had some shit on it.

Eating the frosty at the park.

Playing the banjo by the sunset.

Hopefully that series made a lot of sense to you.

Here we are heading out to visit with the family, my sister incorporated some of the makeup tips my father had offered.

Apparently I thought it was important to do that.

Here’s that.

Here’s a birdie.

Here’s… that.

Here’s the garage, with a variety of scenery.

He missed.

I thought grandpa was waiting to tell me something but I made the photo and then he walked away. My sister and I consulted to determine that he meant to offer me a beer.

These kind of things happen when you have a computer camera in your hands.

Sorry, you’re not allowed to do that.

The reason for our visit.

Later I met up with an old friend.

We’re going back home here, even though it looks like we’re going the same direction we were going before.

Well, I guess I just sent that all to the internet. Oops.

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  1. Ohai Mr. Travis. Nice snappy snaps you got there. But… h is that really Stiegl beer? :OOOOOO

  2. Do you only use a wide angle lens?

  3. 35mm almost always. But I also use other lenses infrequently.

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