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Metal and sky












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Making you say that was two years ago again

Throwing in a few snaps that were once again made 2 summers ago.

Some street festivities.

We were nearby waiting for a table to have breakfast.

Something happened to that frame. Bunch of light leak on this and the next few frames on the roll. Not sure what that was about.

Doing some good make-up.

Running the gamut of emotions here in these portraits.

Anonymous passenger.

Tenant at the Cellar maybe?

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Snappy snappings

Leaving home one day during May, I walked out the door to this scene.

The rider is sitting on the curb, quite lucky to be okay.

Tenant played music for me, which I liked.

Here we were, waiting to cross the street.

I can’t remember where we were headed though. Probably the liquor store.

We celebrated Dave’s birthday by Trout Lake on a nice evening.

That car had some shit on it.

Eating the frosty at the park.

Playing the banjo by the sunset.

Hopefully that series made a lot of sense to you.

Here we are heading out to visit with the family, my sister incorporated some of the makeup tips my father had offered.

Apparently I thought it was important to do that.

Here’s that.

Here’s a birdie.

Here’s… that.

Here’s the garage, with a variety of scenery.

He missed.

I thought grandpa was waiting to tell me something but I made the photo and then he walked away. My sister and I consulted to determine that he meant to offer me a beer.

These kind of things happen when you have a computer camera in your hands.

Sorry, you’re not allowed to do that.

The reason for our visit.

Later I met up with an old friend.

We’re going back home here, even though it looks like we’re going the same direction we were going before.

Well, I guess I just sent that all to the internet. Oops.

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Little bit of blog

The other day something happened.

Don’t believe me?

No, really.

You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it. Tenant played a show.

Fortunately, I was there.

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