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July two thousand and ten


This is what it looks like when my blog is updated.

That’s not a real baby.

That’s on the ferry.

That’s one of my favourites. Don’t know him but he seemed to appreciate that moment as we both stood there for a long time before I made a photo.

This is between Vancouver and Nanaimo.

Hehe, sisters.


Getting caught.

Back in Vancouver. Here’s two exposures of the same scene. I guess you’re supposed to mash those together and make an HDR BL1NG BL4NG and get really popular on the Internet.

This happened after my first group ride to Squamish. We pulled in to the parking lot at Starbucks and this young Batman approached our group rather thrilled with all the motorcycles. He managed to snag himself a seat and I remembered that I had a camera in my tank bag.

I told his guardian that I would e-mail the pictures but that sometimes it takes me a while to develop, scan, and edit my photos… I hope she still uses that hotmail :p

Celebrating the sun.

But also Thinking of Things.

Getting the camera turned.

Pressing the shutter by mistake. The last frame.

Thank you for scrolling all the way to the bottom. I will endeavor to catch up a bit on some scanning and stuff. It would be a novelty to post some photographs from this summer before this summer ends.

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Now that I’ve got your attention

Here’s a post chock-full of action shots. Frozen in time for observers eternal, otherwise, immortal.

Coming up next, a collaborative portrait series of mutual pride. Crossing the water to the other land.

Well, this ones special. The ferry pulling in just after dusk at the end of a long week and ready to disembark. It’s a portrait of coming home.


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Snappy snappings

Leaving home one day during May, I walked out the door to this scene.

The rider is sitting on the curb, quite lucky to be okay.

Tenant played music for me, which I liked.

Here we were, waiting to cross the street.

I can’t remember where we were headed though. Probably the liquor store.

We celebrated Dave’s birthday by Trout Lake on a nice evening.

That car had some shit on it.

Eating the frosty at the park.

Playing the banjo by the sunset.

Hopefully that series made a lot of sense to you.

Here we are heading out to visit with the family, my sister incorporated some of the makeup tips my father had offered.

Apparently I thought it was important to do that.

Here’s that.

Here’s a birdie.

Here’s… that.

Here’s the garage, with a variety of scenery.

He missed.

I thought grandpa was waiting to tell me something but I made the photo and then he walked away. My sister and I consulted to determine that he meant to offer me a beer.

These kind of things happen when you have a computer camera in your hands.

Sorry, you’re not allowed to do that.

The reason for our visit.

Later I met up with an old friend.

We’re going back home here, even though it looks like we’re going the same direction we were going before.

Well, I guess I just sent that all to the internet. Oops.

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The Beginning and the End

On May 18, 2010, ISIS announced that their time as a band was coming to an end, stating that they had done everything they wanted to do and said everything they wanted to say. And yes, they would complete their current tour. With a number of dates throughout North America remaining, this gave the band and fans alike the unique experience of knowing that they would be taking part in the last ISIS show ever in each town and venue along the way. On May 31, 2010 ISIS packed the Rickshaw Theater in Vancouver. I was there.

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